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A brief summary of our services is shown below. Please refer to each service's specific page for more details.

   -   Field Evaluation: NSS performs field evaluations of unlisted machinery or equipment when required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) or end user of the equipment.

   -   Product Safety Testing: We can perform safety tests and inspections of a wide variety of electrical products and components to United States or international safety standards.

   -   Listing:  NSS performs Listing and Recognition services for electrical products and components. Listed and Recognized products are subject to the NSS follow up inspection program.

   -   CE Marking:  NSS can perform CE marking services for products being shipped to the European Union (EU). NSS can assess machinery, products, and components to the Machinery Directive or Low Voltage Directive and applicable standards as required.

   -   SEMI S2:  SEMI S2 is the primary safety guideline for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. NSS can perform all tests and inspections required by SEMI S2 and the other applicable SEMI guidelines.